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Advistory for private customers

Good tax advice is worthwhile for everyone. It is a misconception that only entrepreneurs should use the services of a good accountant. On the one hand, the statistics say that individuals receive an average of around EUR 1,000 in tax refunds by filing their income tax return, but on the other hand there are many other areas besides the tax declaration which should be given attention. Be it the design of capital transfers (including donations) or the reduction of property transfer tax when buying a home. Just contact us.

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Advisory for business customers

As an entrepreneur in Germany, one is confronted with countless legal regulations. It is important to have a strong partner and consultant at your side who can do a great deal of work and set the course at decisive points. Be it the monthly financial accounting, the preparation of payslips, the subject minimum wage, GOBDs, the business advice or supervision in the context of tax audits. CLOSTERMANN WIEDIGER TECKENTRUP TAXATION stands by your side and supports you in your tax matters.

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Our philosophy

The philosophy of CLOSTERMANN WIEDIGER TECKENTRUP TAXATION has always been „advising instead of managing“. The focus is thus on the streamlining of administrative processes in the first step. In the second step, the capacities gained will be used to advise, design and optimize the tax situation. After all, it is called „tax consultants“ and not „tax administrator“ … .

Clostermann Wiediger Teckentrup Taxation - Unsere Firmenphilosophie